Black Garlic Cloves



Black garlic is soft, slightly sticky, and mildly sweet with savory, rich undertones, quite different from normal fresh garlic. 

Black Garlic is full of umami and complex flavors that will take your mouth on an exciting adventure as you add it to your culinary creations. Once only available to top chefs across the country, more people are enjoying their ease of use and complex, delicious flavors for personal use.

Black Garlic also has several powerful health benefits above and beyond fresh garlic including high levels of antioxidants, anti-inflammatory molecules, selenium, and even anti-cancer properties.

Try it in this recipe: Cheeseburgers with Black Garlic Aioili and Caramelized Onions

How it's made:

Once harvested, Texas-grown white garlic bulbs are aged (caramelized) using controlled heat and humidity. This process causes certain enzymes and sugars in the cloves to break down naturally – nothing is added. 

The cloves inside the paper-thin white skins first turn a deep brown and once the process is complete, a soft black. The texture of the cloves changes too – from shiny, firm, white meat to black, soft, sweet, spreadable cloves. The process also causes the strong flavor of the raw white garlic to melt into a mellow, caramelized sweetness, ready to be eaten straight from the bulb or incorporated into any dish that normally uses garlic, and then some! 

About The Black Garlic Company:

The Black Garlic Company was formed in central Texas in a little town called Bryan. Elizabeth started producing the black garlic to sustain her own addiction (she was consuming over $10 of black garlic a week!). She started giving it to friends and family members as gifts, all of who fell in love instantly and started incorporating it into their daily cooking. Demand quickly outpaced supply and before she knew it she had ramped up production and started selling in the local grocery stores.