The Maine Farm Table Cookbook



The best of Maine’s local food, from noted farms like Dandelion Spring to esteemed restaurants like The Lost Kitchen.

There’s a lot more to Maine than stunning coastline. Sure, come for the incomparable lobster rolls or the state’s renowned blueberries, but stay for the locally milled grains, organic grass-fed meats, and surprising foraged delicacies. The Pine Tree State’s active food community springs to life in the hands of Kate Shaffer, Maine cookbook author and chocolatier, and Derek Bissonnette, one of the finest food photographers in the country.

The Maine Farm Table Cookbook delivers more than 100 recipes, assembled in chapters that take readers from the pasture and sea to the forest, creamery, and everywhere in between. Discover Autumn Harvest Roast Pork, Haddock and Corn Chowder, Carrot Zucchini Fritters, Blackberry and Almond Torte, and more. With profiles to spotlight Maine’s favorite farms and restaurants, and gorgeous professional photography, this is the perfect way for readers to bring New England’s charm to their own kitchen.

Want to take home the truest tastes of Maine? Try some dishes that hit home for some of us Mainers like: Ployes, New England Boiled Dinner, Moose Bourguignon, or Wild Rabbit Stew with Carrots and Herbs.More than 100 color photographs.

Kate Shaffer is the founder and owner of artisinal chocolate confectionary, Ragged Coast Chocolates, located in Westbrook, Maine. Shaffer has been featured in Martha Stewart Living, Gourmet, Boston Globe, and more. She lives in Portland, Maine.