The Lost Kitchen



Created in collaboration with Erin French, founder and chef of nationally acclaimed restaurant The Lost Kitchen, this SKORDO Set contains four unique ingredients to empower you to cook through Erin's bestselling cookbook "The Lost Kitchen: Recipes and A Good Life Found in Freedom, Maine".

Thousands try and get a reservation at this restaurant every year (you need to send a postcard in to be considered!), but alas, chances are many won't get the golden ticket. We love to create the same exact dishes Erin and her team create in Freedom, at home. Make the perfect poultry brine with juniper berries, Herbes de Provence steak frites, poppy seed burger buns, and more by pairing this set with the cookbook. We hope you enjoy cooking with this set as much as we enjoyed creating it!

Set contains 1/4 cup jars of: Herbes de Provence, Maine Sea Salt, Juniper Berries, Poppy Seeds

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