Amchoor Chana - Chickpeas with Mango Powder Kit


Amchoor, also known as Mango Powder, adds a tangy, slightly sour element to this Indian dish.  Along with the amchoor, this recipe gives a wonderfully subtle smokiness from the black cardamom pods (not to be confused with green cardamom pods – big difference!) and a bit of heat from the cayenne. You can garnish with either cilantro or parsley depending on your preference, but we like to use the cilantro to really complement the notes of citrus in the dish.

Package Contents: Cumin, Black Cardamom Pods, Cinnamon Stick, Amchoor Powder, Coriander, Cayenne, Turmeric

Makes: 6 servings, as a side

Prep & Cook: 9-10 hours (including 8 hours to soak chickpeas)