Upgrade Your Immunity!

Herbs + Spices are much more than flavor boosters! Upgrade Your Immunity by Dr. Joseph Mercola was developed throughout COVID-19, as many people took it as a wake-up call to assess their health. Rotating through 19 medicinal herbs + spices, Dr. Mercola wrote this collection of recipes + information to boost your immunity and strengthen your health. I dove into which sounded most delicious to me, the benefits are a welcomed bonus. All recipes have nutritional facts included, which is a nice addition compared to typical cookbooks.

Clove + Ginger Lemonade Elixir

Intended to be drank on an empty stomach in the morning to detox + stimulate digestion. This one truly brightened up my morning with the zing of the ginger and the warmth of the cinnamon

Mushroom Latte

All the satisfying warmth of a coffee, without the jitters and upset stomach! With the powerful immune-boosting effects of mushrooms, this latte is a great alternative way to start your day, or wind down in the evening. Balanced with the sweetness of honey, cacao, and cinnamon, you'll be able to enjoy this even if you don't love the flavor of mushrooms. Cacao is more nutritious, but feel free to substitute cocoa powder if that's what you have on hand!

Moon Drink

Titled based on how "gorgeous, mysterious, and illuminating" the drink is, this was a fun one to make + enjoy! As the book suggests, it's perfect to hold-over between meals and open your mind + palette while restoring you from the day. I prepared this as a supplement for my family while they waited for Stewed Pork to cook from Everyone's Table. It was certainly a hit, served either warm or cold. 

Upgrade your Immunity was a truly insightful read. With in depth breakdowns of the benefits of each ingredient, hydration tips, and sleep strategies, this is a great resource to give you the confidence that you're giving your body what it needs. Dr. Mercola also writes that it should help you become more resilient to the fear of getting sick, because you'll be giving your immune system what it needs to function it's best. 
September 08, 2021 — Shannon Mahoney

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