SKORDO Kitchen: The Perfect Wedding Gift

Finding the perfect gift for a couple can be tricky. Two years ago my husband Eric and I attended 9 weddings over the span of three months and nearly drove ourselves crazy trying to find meaningful and unique gifts for each couple. Out of all that practice we came up with a few tips for identifying THE gift.  


  • Go experiential 
  • Personalize forever gifts 
  • Consider color-scheme  
  • Share your favorites 


Experiential gifts could be an AirBnB gift card, a cooking class, or a favorite recipe with a handwritten note and a few key ingredients. Experiential gifts encourage time together making new memories. Plus, they don’t take up space!  


Forever gifts are classics with a purposeful twist. Linens, tools and kitchen serve-ware are all practical items that couples may use again and again. The goal here is to tailor the forever gift to suit each couple. For example, the couple that jumps for joy over a set of camping chairs may not be the same couple that loves a standup mixer 


Color-schemes matter! Every couple has their own pallet. The colors that decorate their home are likely mimicked on their wedding website or even in the invitations. Use those subtle cues to help determine which color napkins or serving tray you select 


When in doubt, share your favorites. For our wedding, we were gifted a beautiful handmade wooden rolling pin and whisk from friends of Eric’s parents who didn’t know us well as a couple. They included a note saying that they had received a similar set as a wedding gift 40 years prior and wished us well in our marriage. Whenever I use the whisk to make pancakes on a Sunday morning, I think of the couple and smile.  






Ingredient Sets

Recipe Kits 

Honeys + Syrups

Gift Card 






Kitchen Linens

AE Ceramics 

Salts Test Tube Rack  

Serving Sets 






Test Tube Racks 

Stoneware + Ceramics

Salt + Pepper Accessories 

Kitchen Tools






Build Your Own SKORDO Set 

Olive Wood Spoons 

Copper Measuring Cups 



Looking for even more tips? Check out our Wedding Gifts board on Pinterest.

Evelyn Smith

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