Time for an Adventure

This month we’re prepping our taste buds for a four week long around the world culinary excursion. Where we’re going, there’s no need for passports, airlines or baggage fees. We’ve decided to travel the globe from the comfort of our own kitchens. Each week we’ll dig into a new cookbook with the hope of expanding our palates, learning about regional ingredients and maybe pick up some vocab along the way. 

Week One: Middle East and North Africa as presented by our cookbook of the month, Falastin

Week Two: India with the help of Asma’s Indian Kitchen

Week Three: Asia, specifically Southeast Asia and the flavors of Lemongrass & Lime

Week Four: Europe will teach us about Dinner in French and a we’ll try a recipe or two from Piatti

So, head to your kitchen and join us! We’re excited to share travel diaries, ingredient reviews and recipes along the way. Oh, and see if you can pick up on the one ingredient that unites all the international cooking! Hint, it's in our name. 

Evelyn Smith

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