Designed in Denmark, the Eva Solo Burger Press's minimalistic look packs a serious punch by producing patties that are over an inch thick. I used the press for raw vegetarian rounds from Eat Cool: Good Food for Hot Days by Vanessa Seder. It was the prefect recipe for day three of a heat wave! The end results were tightly packed patties that held together on soft buns. The rounds were made of sun-dried tomatoes, cashews and shredded beet. We paired our patties with SKORDO Dill Dip made with yogurt. 


  • It's easy to use! Simply place, fill and press. 
  • The press produces consistent patties (important for an even cook time on the grill)
  • Clean up was simple (dishwasher safe!) and the press didn't take on any of the beet pigment. 
  • Environmentally friendly. The press is made of biodegradable materials and part of Eva Solo's Green Tools series.  

I look forward to trying the press next with beef burgers. The plan is to prep ahead and freeze the beef patties for use on the boat this month. It'll be great to have evenly sized patties ready to go this summer! 


June 10, 2021 — Evelyn Smith

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