November Welcome with Open Kitchen

Fall and early winter are my favorite seasons in the kitchen. Thanksgiving and it’s full on celebration of glutenous dining is the kickoff for a six-week marathon of cooking and baking. From November into the New Year the house smells great thanks to cinnamon, nutmeg, roasts and butter… so much butter!

This year we’re having a hard time coming up with a solid Thanksgiving plan. For the first time in ages most of our family will be within a quick drive on the big day, but with so much uncertainty it’s tough to know how to prepare. Maybe we won’t have turkey on Turkey Day. Maybe we’ll be grabbing quick bites and mulled ciders between outdoor walks with family or maybe we’ll be sitting fireside with heaping plates and Zooming. Here’s what I do know: There will be pie and wine and plenty of hearty food even if it’s a party of two.


If we can’t physically be with the ones we love, we’ll create a shared meal with the help of coordinated recipes and menus. This month’s cookbook of the month, Open Kitchen, celebrates family style cooking and dining. It’s packed with creative food inspired by seasonal ingredients and world flavors. It even suggests dishes for holiday meals and has been very helpful in my family’s late stage Thanksgiving day dreaming and scheming.

So, there it is: Even in these uncertain days, food and cooking and the kitchen are bringing us together in familiar and inspiring ways. 

Evelyn Smith

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