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My mom is the most present person I’ve ever come across and has a creative eye that allows her garden to look like it was planned by a watercolorist. She taught me to cook, always tells me when to plant tomatoes and has fostered in me a love for long sails and endless rowboat rides. Plus, she’s gracious and never lets me forget I’m lucky enough to have a mom count that’s much bigger than one. 


In total I have five moms: The Mom, My Stepmom, My Mom-in-law, My Grandma and a friend who's the group mom for all our buddies. They all play significant roles in my life and in many ways couldn't be more different from one another, but they're all deserving of celebration this Mother's Day. So, here are a few of my gift ideas for the mom's in my life. 


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Mom loves to spend the day on the water catching up with friends. She spent years working in the marine industry and in her retirement has rediscovered her love for all things fish. This gift collection celebrates her love of the sea and passion for cooking. 






My stepmother runs her own business and is mom to two teenagers. Living in England, she often travels to Spain and France for mini-holidays. Hopefully these gifts will remind her of those relaxing times even on the busiest nights at home. 






My Mother-in-Law is a caregiver through and through. She's a proud grandmother to 6 grandchildren (all under the age of 8!) who love to bake with her on the weekends. Most of these gifts will be shared with the family, but the tulips are just for her!  





My Grandmother is a big fan of puzzles and games. She’s part of an active mahjong club and whenever she hosts, has a full snack table. Fresh additions to that spread and a personalized mahjong bag are sure to be appreciated.  






We all have that one friend who's house is the spot for friends birthday’s, holiday celebrations and spontaneous slumber parties. They're the mom of the group whether they like it or not. My friend-mom is a social worker and vegetarian who has the busiest schedule around and always makes time for her chosen family. She's just planted her vegetable garden, so gifts to enjoy with veggies felt like the right choice. 





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