Loaded Veggie Dips
Dips galore! SKORDO has a great selection of dip mixes. For Labor Day we decided to take these dips and add a few fun surprises! This is a great way to add a little extra for a dip and even safe for later to use as a veggie spread for sandwiches or wraps. For our intentions as a dip we used crackers, but I could also see this on a bagel in the morning. The possibilities are endless!
  • Makes three dips


    Mix the cream cheese and greek yogurt until desired thickness.  Split the sour cream/greek yogurt base evenly into three bowls and mix with the selected dip seasonings to desired tastes.  With the combination listed above, the result was a spread like consistency.  If you would like more of a dip consistency substitute some cream cheese for more greek yogurt.  After the spice blends are mixed with the base, add in the chopped veggies.  We sprinkled some of the blend on top for aesthetics as well, great for a fun looking dip platter.  Also of note - depending upon how many dips you want you can double the cream cheese/greek yogurt base.
    These dips were a big hit over Labor Day to gear up festivities!  They're also a sound way to ‘hide’ veggies for your youngins. 
    Emily Karonis

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